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bag testimonials
  •  I was skeptical and bought one of your sampler packs-----I was so surprised when your bags worked in my sealer, and immediately re-ordered..
  • I also tried lots of different bags and threw away tons of money trying the so called "just likers".  I am on a high protein diet and I buy a lot of meat in bulk and seal it for the months --I have wasted money in past doing that search but NO MORE!!  Thanks for saving me tons.
  • Donna Hampton
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  • I cannot tell you how happy I am that I found your vacuum bags. I have both a black & decker, and also a foodsaver machine at home. 
    My husband & I are do alot of hunting BIG GAME.  And when we get one, we fill the freezer fast..  These bags are awesome, and save us so much money and time.  No more cutting bags, YIPPEE!!  They seal great and work perfect in both machines..I'm glad I had the guts to listen to a professional that uses them in their own business daily.  Who better to tell you if they work or not...Thanks so much,   I'll be reordering soon.      Kendra  Wilson---  Foodsaver 1050 & Black & Decker
  • I tried your sampler pack, just because I was burned before.  And I'm so glad I did.......Now all my family members use them too!  Terry Wilhelm----Foodsaver sport
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  • Oh my gosh! The money I have wasted on the high priced bags, I could cry.   But now I have redeemed myself.  these bags work great--thanks for saving our family so much money, and for making them available to us penny pinchers.... Renee Mesa--black & decker sealer


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