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I love my FoodSaver machine, and quickly used all the refill bags that came with the kit.  But I was so upset when I went to buy more--I put my foodsaver on a shelf and didn't use it unless, I really had too..   And then my girlfriend told me about your website.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that I found your vacuum bags. I have both a black & decker, and also a foodsaver machine at home.  
I am an a stay-at-home MOM and do what I can to save our family money.  So I buy in bulk.... These bags are awesome, and save us so much money and time.  No more cutting bags to length, YIPPEE!!  They seal great and work perfect in both our machines..I'm glad I had the guts to listen to a professional that uses them in their own business daily.  Who better to tell you if they work or not...Thanks so much,  hunting season is right around the corner.    And my hubby will be thrilled to use the machine next.......I'll be reordering soon.   Thank you so much! 

Trina Eberly---  Foodsaver 1050 & Black & Decker™, 

Save over 40% off the price of the #1 Selling Store brand--

FOODSAVER® and other quality RETAIL STORE-style vacuum sealers, are an external clamp style system which uses a special texturized bag to pull the air out with a professional grade seal.

    Instead of the typical embossed surface found in the high priced store bags, ours have a strip of polyethylene mesh sealed onto the one side of the pouch which is designed to be a channel that draws the air out of the clamped end.  They are a 3-1/2 mil nylon-polyethylene standard barrier vacuum pouch that will work well for sealing fresh and frozen food, as well as medical and electronic applications. 


For use with "channel” style vacuum sealers :IIncluding Vacmaster Pro 150, Tilia FoodSaver™, Magic Vac™, Rival Seal-a-Meal™, and SPV-5 etc.


*FoodSaver® is a registered trademark of Jardon Direct, Inc. .

VacStripStorage Bags are not manufactured or distributed by Jardon Direct, Inc.*

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