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Suction VS. Chamber machines
What is the difference?

A  Suction or External clamp machine is like your typical Foodsaver TM  machine or black and decker or game saver machine.You fill the bag and put the opening of the bag edge into or near a channel on the inside of the machine,  you close the lid and it clamps shut.  The vacuum begins to suck the air from the inside of the bag towards the inside of the machine,  while the bag is on the outside....until all air is removed and then seals.  This type of sealer requires a embossed or textured mesh bag,  which used negative ion particles in the air to pull the air from the bag by use of the textured mesh..


For Chamber Sealers-   you put your items in the bag,  and you put the entire bag and food inside the chamber box of the sealer.  A lid comes down covering the entire bag with the opening of the bag sticking outside the machine.  The vacuum begins compressing the bag and pushing the air out of the bag to the outside of the machine.. until complete air is released.  This is great for high liquid items as no liquid esapes or can get pulled into a machine motor...  air is compressed from the bag out past sealing area....  this type of machine does not require any type of texture or embossing on the inside of the bag.  Just a flat sided pouch to compress the air out...


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