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Vacuum Sealer Accessories
Bone Guards

VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Bone Guard Sheets 4.5" x 5" 150/Box

VacMaster 40720 bone guard sheet for food vacuum packaging


The VacMaster® Bone Guard is the ultimate in bag protection! Avoid puncturing holes in your vacuum bags by using Bone Guard to cut down on packaging costs and leaks. Bone Guard is one of the most economical ways of reducing pouch failures like snags. Place a sheet of Bone Guard over the bone or sharp edge you need to vacuum package to prevent punctures and tears. Each sheet is 4.5-Inch x 5-Inch and clear for full product visibility. The heavy-duty 6-mil thick material will protect your pouches from the sharpest bones!





DUO550 Vacuum Packaging Kit - Vacuum Sealer Bags & Bone Guards



 DUO550 Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit 


The DUO550 Chamber and Suction Sealer Vacuum Starter Kit will help kick start your vacuum sealing needs. The DUO550 features a suction vacuum sealer as well as a chamber sealer. This kit provides both vacuum sealing bags for the suction sealing portion of the unit and chamber sealing bags for the chamber portion. Also includes a package of Bone Guards, which are heavy-duty 6-mil thick 4.5-Inch x 5-Inch sheets. Use these to cover bones or sharp edges that may puncture vacuum packaging bags.

  • Includes:
    • 10" x 8" Horizontal Chamber Pouches - 250 count 3-Mil chamber pouches
    • 6" x 10" Pint Full Mesh Vacuum Sealer Bags - 50 count suction sealer bags
    • 11.5" x 14" Gallon Full Mesh Vacuum Sealer Bags - 50 count suction sealer bags
    • Bone Guards - 150-Pack will help prevent tears and punctures in bag

Vacuum Packaging Tool - Multi-Ring Bag Stand Holder


       VacMaster 98305 multi-ring pouch stand to fill vacuum sealer bags 




The VacMaster® Multi-Ring Bag Stand makes filling several bags at once quick and easy! Our stand allows you to independently fill and seal bags, without assistance. Specifically designed to accept 8-Inch, 10-Inch, and 12-Inch bag sizes (pint, quart, and gallon), this useful tool allows you to fill your bags while keeping the sealing area clean. Especially if working with liquids such as soups or marinades, this stand helps guarantee a reliable seal. When the sealing area of a bag isn'’t clean, you are more likely to have failed seals, but there is no need to worry when using our bag stand. It is built-to-last with heavy-duty blended stainless steel and metal construction. The Multi-Ring Bag Stand is the perfect kitchen accessory for food vacuum packaging methods as in cook chill operations and sous vide prepping.

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